1. First Entry and Introduction to the Showcase

Post date: Aug 27, 2013 3:13:50 PM


And, welcome to Powell's Showcase, where I, Andrew Powell, will informally post information on the various electronic-, software-related projects I work on. In addition to projects, I will also try to include my thoughts on anything I think might be relevant. If anyone actually reading this can't already tell, I am nearly completely new to the idea of blogging; though, I do have some past experience in creating and building simple websites with Google Sites. I may even decide to randomly switch over to another host, so please bear with me as I mess around in my attempts to develop my website.

Who am I?

I will talk more about myself when I finish developing the "About Me" section of the site. But, as just a quick introduction, my name is Andrew Powell and currently I am a graduate student at Temple University, working towards a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering within four years. My interests are building and programming small-scaled electronic devices and developing even smaller computer games.

What's next?

As of now, I am only adding information to the "Games" page under "Projects", but more will come as I get the time. The "About Me" page will most likely be next and then I add pages for other projects.