28. Linux on Zynq / New Series!

Post date: Jul 25, 2016 11:55:1 AM

Finally got around to my new series on learning the basics of PetaLinux on Zynq! I've already posted a few videos demonstrating my progress, posted those projects to a repository, and, at some point, I'll create a project page on my HACKADAY.IO!

Video on learning the I2C Device driver

The rough plan thus far is to learn how I learn best: complete projects that force me to learn. In other words, I'll be completing embedded designs on the Digilent Zybo that will force me to learn Linux drivers --- specifically GPIO, I2C, SPI, DMA, and USB --- and different ways with which the Linux kernel can be interacted from a host machine --- specifically TFTP and NFS. Along the way, I'll most likely end up learning other useful tools, as well.

Even though I have used Ubuntu many times, I can't say I know how Linux operating systems works at a fundamental level. And, after finishing the first several projects in this series, I'm starting to see how useful it is to have fundamental knowledge on Linux. So, in addition to completing several projects leading up to a final project, I'm going to follow an online guide describing Linux to beginners. As I've said, I am by no means new to Linux. However, I find it's extremely useful for embedded development to even brush up on some basic knowledge, considering all Linux operating systems are --- well --- Linux operating systems.

Video on learning the GPIO SysFs driver

Hopefully, by the end of the summer, my goal for this final project is to develop an embedded system on the Zybo that can perform image processing with a live video feed taken from a USB web cam. Not entirely sure how feasible this feat is. But, from a project someone else did, I found out you can get the source code of Linux drivers if you know where to look. So, in theory, if I can find the source of my web cam's driver, I can compile it under PetaLinux! Haven't tried yet since this project is so far down the line. But, I believe!