Snake Extreme

Post date: Aug 27, 2013 3:57:42 PM

nake Extreme is an extended version of the classic game Snake, in which the player controls a "snake" to gather "food", thus scoring points. The "snake" can only be controlled either horizontally or vertically and its body increases in length for every "food" block the player gathers with the snake. The game is over once the player either collides the snake into its own body or into the border of the playing screen.

Snake Extreme's snake is composed of black blocks. The "food" are the blue blocks. Snake Extreme also includes "obstacles", "diet pills" and "fatties". "Obstacles" are red blocks and cause game over if the player collides the snake into one. "Diet pills" are yellow blocks that decrease the length of the snake, but in return can cause "fatties" to appear and speed up the snake's movement. Finally, "fatties" are pink blocks that cause the snake to grow, but extra points are awarded. The "snake" is controlled with the keyboard's arrow keys. And, hitting the enter key starts the game itself or pauses the game. (If the game still doesn't start, make sure the applet is selected by left-clicking the game's window with the mouse.)

Launch Snake Extreme with Java Web Start

Download Snake Extreme (~33 Kb; Requires Java)