23. Blazing Audio Nexys 4 Projects

Post date: May 16, 2016 10:14:6 PM

So as to get some more practice building SoC-oriented embedded systems, I've recently finished the following two projects using the Nexys 4.

Blazing Visual Equalizer. Typically I like to create a dedicated project page with the repository containing the source code, but I wasn't a big fan on how the project turned out. Because my RTL design started to take between an hour to an hour and half to compile, I intentionally ignored some critical errors and instead wrote the software such that the system would recover from faults in the system, primarily by simply resetting critical IP. Some of the jerky pulses seen in the video occur because of the problems left in the hardware. So, I'm going to hold off from posting the project until I'm satisfied with the design. Seeing as my current laptop runs unbearably slow while in compilation of a Vivado project, the revisit of the Blazing Visual Equalizer probably won't happen until I get a new, and much more powerful, computer.

Simple Blazing FIR SoC. Simply the application of a FIR filter for capturing the bass of audio. More information, including source code, can be found on the project's dedicated page.