24. Sumo Project / PIC32

Post date: Jun 16, 2016 3:15:18 PM

A friend and I are planning to participate once again in the Sumo Robot Competition next year! We actually participated during this year's competition. However, due to some poor planning on our end, the team didn't perform nearly as well as we did in 2015. So, in an attempt to redeem ourselves, learn and innovate, and build something pretty cool, we already started on the project! I'll add more details on the project's dedicated project page, which will be created once we have the first prototype constructed by the end of this month.

Since it's my role and all in the project, I've been focused on writing and testing the software necessary to have our chipKIT uC32 running FreeRTOS communicate with peripherals. And, so that content is consistently uploaded to my YouTube channel, I have and will continue to upload videos that will demonstrate my progress, and later I will try to add videos that demonstrate how the project progresses, mechanically. Not going to talk in detail about what control algorithms we plan to implement, though I will at least post the code for interfacing with the peripherals (e.g. IR Proximity Sensors, Motor Controller, etc.).

Below are the videos currently posted. Since I'll be doing a lot of these videos, I'm going to keep them short (i.e. 3 to 4 minutes). Enjoy: