31. Linux on Zynq / VGA and OpenCV

Post date: Aug 17, 2016 10:4:58 PM

Finished my latest project on using the VGA interface from a bunch of user applications running in PetaLinux. In the past, I had developed my own VGA core with hard-coded 640 x 480 resolution, a resolution which didn't seem to work with many monitors. For the latest project, I instead opted to use the Digilent AXI Display Core and the Xilinx AXI VDMA, for which the resolution can be configured during run-time and I can easily use the HDMI interface for future projects. Couldn't find a Linux driver for the VDMA, and I didn't realize I could have used to the AXI Thin Film Transistor ( TFT ) Controller, so I ported the baremetal drivers for both the AXI VDMA and Display Core to the Linux applications. In a later project, I will have to try the AXI TFT Controller since, from my limited research, it appears there's a Linux driver module I should be able to enable and run Qt applications with.

Anyways, the project contains a few user applications. The first video demonstrates the first two, including a ported version of the Digilent example and a separate application that I wrote. The second video showcases the application using OpenCV to decode JPEG and PNG images. Enjoy! Here's the repository.