8. Java fixes/issues and a new update to the ALP project

Post date: Feb 03, 2014 10:35:3 PM

Check out the newest update to the ALP project!

Java fixes and OSX-related issues. In order to prevent users from having to go through the painful task of modifying their java security settings, I finally managed to sign every application with a Code signing certificate from Digicert (which, on a side note, had some of the best customer service for any company I've ever contacted for help). However, there are still issues with OS X systems. The security on OS X systems does not allow my applications to run when downloaded as jars, or with Java Web Start (though, both methods have only been tested on two OS X systems, so perhaps there are some OS X systems that allow the applications to run). The applets do, at the very least, start, but malfunction (e.g. arrow keys don't work, timing is way off, etc.). From the limited amount of research I did, the problem may have something to do with the browser Firefox. Though, I'm still not certain.

All of these issues, at some point or another, will be resolved. In the mean, check out the latest update to the ALP project!