Image Processing: CamShift Library

Post date: Jun 15, 2014 7:57:8 PM

CamShift. The CamShift library was originally developed for the Autonomous Lawnmower Project (ALP) for the purpose tracking a detected object with a video camera. Because the CamShift library is created with OpenCV, the same operations can be done directly with OpenCV.

The reason for writing the CamShift library is to simply make the job easier. In other words, the CamShift library is ideal for those who are more concerned with other facets of their project but they still need require basic image processing. One of my goals for writing the library was to create a class that can be easily integrated to any project.

GitHub. Below is a link to the repository that contains all the necessary source files, examples, and documentation.

CamShift Library Repository

Google Drive.