7. Issues with running Java applications...

Post date: Jan 20, 2014 7:35:2 PM

I apologize for the inconvenience, but, due to one of the latest Java Security Updates, all the java applications presented on this site will not operate due to the latest security features related to self-signed applications. Currently, I am working on solution that will make the java applications launch without having to edit one's Java security settings. Until then, however, the only methods to launch my applications are ...

  1. Downloading the JAR file, which is basically a Java compressed file from which the application can be launched

  2. Changing Java security on one's computer to a low enough setting

JAR file. I will be including the links to each JAR file on each application's respective page, shortly.

Java Security. For those who don't mind modifying their Java security settings, here I will describe the steps necessary to lower one's Java security settings on their machine. Please keep in mind, this is not recommended because forgetting to return the security setting could leave your computer vulnerable!

Figure 1. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them. Please refer to the text below to know the meaning behind the numbers seen in the image.

Java Security: OSX and Windows 7 and Below. Please follow the instructions on this link to get to the Java control panel on a (Mac) OS X system. Once the Java control panel is opened, refer to the text below Figure 2 to learn how to change Java security settings. As for Windows systems, the first step is to get to the computer's Control Panel. I recall on Windows systems before Windows 8, this typically done by opening up the Start menu and clicking on the folder labeled Control Panel.

Java Security: Windows 8. On Windows 8, reaching the Control Panel can be done by first opening the Charm Bar, which is the name given to the blue panel that appears when the mouse is stationed in the upper-right hand corner of the screen (see Figure 1.1). From the Charm Bar, click on settings (see Figure 1.2) and one of the available options should be the Control Panel. Once the Control Panel is open, double-click on the icon labeled Java, i.e. the Java control panel (see Figure 1.4). If the Control Panel appears as a set of categories, you can change how the Control Panel can be viewed by changing the "View by" settings to show icons, instead (see Figure 1.3).

Figure 2. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them. Please refer to the text below to know the meaning behind the numbers seen in the image.

From the Java control panel, click on the tab labeled security (see Figure 2.1) and then ensure the track bar is shifted down to Medium (see Figure 2.2). Doing so will enable the operation of the self-signed application presented on this site.

Reporting any issues to me is highly appreciated.