Tetris Extreme

Post date: Sep 12, 2013 4:37:1 PM

Tetris is the popular game in which the player attempts to get the highest score possible by fitting together various-shaped "blocks" such that horizontal lines of blocks within the game's playing area are completed. The blocks the player control fall faster from the top of the playing area as the player's score increases. Completed lines add to the player's score, become eliminated from the playing area, and cause all the blocks above to fall. The game ends once the player's block cannot fall into the playing area without colliding with other blocks.

Tetris Extreme is Tetris and more! Below are the controls.

    • The left or right arrow keys cause the blocks the player is currently controlling to move either left or right, respectively.

    • The spacebar causes the player's block to fall, instantaneously.

    • Pressing the down arrow key causes the player's block to fall at maximum speed until released.

    • The enter key either starts, pauses, or resumes the game.

In addition to the typical controls of Tetris, Tetris Extreme also includes several combo moves that allow the player to strategize how he/she wants to play the game. Combo points are scored based on the number of eliminated lines and the previous combo score but resets if the player's block doesn't score any points after falling into either the playing area's floor or another set of blocks. Once enough combo points are scored, the following actions become available.

    • The "z" key causes the player's score to increase.

    • The "x" key causes the block the player controls to be flung up high (even potentially out of the playing area).

    • The "c" key eliminates lines on the bottom of the playing area.

Please enjoy! As with all my games, I enjoy receiving as much feedback as possible so that either this game or the next is even better!

Launch Tetris Extreme with Java Web Start

Download Tetris Extreme (~47 Kb; Requires Java)