26. Sumo Project / It lives!

Post date: Jul 07, 2016 2:14:12 AM

So yeah, Prototype 1 can officially execute the control algorithm explained in the last post! Check it out!

First video of the Tracking Algorithm. The robot only turns in the direction of an object.

Updated Tracking Algorithm. The robot actually tries to follow another object.

Don't think I explained this yet, but the plan is to create three prototypes by the end of the summer. Prototype 1 will focus on the tracking algorithm and ensuring all the components operate as intended. The robot will start looking pretty on Prototype 2. My mechanical teammate, Dmytri, will have a newly designed chassis ready and I aim to have the majority of the electronics soldered down onto a prototyping board. Optimizing the tracking algorithm's parameters will also be an important focus for Prototype 2.

Finally, I'm especially excited for Prototype 3. There will likely be an updated design for the chassis and motors. But, one of my biggest objectives will be to create a PCB!