5. Updates to the ALP project and future updates

Post date: Dec 15, 2013 5:47:52 PM

My first semester as an official graduate student at Temple University's College of Engineering has officially come to a close and I am now waiting eagerly for grades! More importantly, though, I now have more time this winter break to focus on important projects. But, I will get into the projects later.

Updates. I have added a few updates to the website since the end of my semester, all of which have to do with the Autonomous Lawnmower Project (ALP). The first update explains the algorithm developed to generate the lawnmower path. As shown in a previous update, some basic autonomous operation and robotic localization using OpenCV and MATLAB is explained in the next new update to the ALP project.

Future Work. Right now, research takes priority over the side projects. The original plan was to propose my research on Xilinx's Zynq EPP and its on-chip bus by the end of the semester. However, due to the work load of my other three courses, the proposal has been pushed off till the beginning of my next semester. Updates to my research on the website will most likely be less, though. I want to ensure the information I add to my proposal's write-up is relatively unique compared to the information I add to the site.

Apart from research, I am also planning on working on a few other projects. In regards to the ALP project, I still need to combine the Path Algorithm with everything else. Plus, I need to clean up the software, create a nicer interface, and write up some documentation so that the next team who shall pick up the project has either less or preferably nothing to reverse engineer. A friend of mine who has been working with me on the ALP project will continue to do so. As far as games go, I have plans to continue the "extreme" remakes of popular games with "Breakout Extreme" being the next one.

There are also a few other projects, but more information on them will come in time.